Molding and Casting
Duration: October - November 2018
Collaborators: None
Media: Silicone, Resin
This project involved taking the clay form from 'Get a grip!' and creating a silicone mold to be used in casting more parts out of resin. Additionally, it enabled me to create a part I could actually hold and use with my brush that would not deform like clay while I held it.
Clay form
I began by refining my clay form since I knew that the silicone mold would translate all of the imperfections in my model's surface, and I wanted to minimize that as much as possible. I ended up almost recreating the form from scratch since the original was bonded around the brush, but I wanted to create a box I could fit the brush into and create more of.

The next step was to create the basin around my form that the silicone would be poured into. Knowing that I would need to create a two-part mold, I chose to place the parting line at the thickest point in the model, right under the finger grip.
Creating basin for pouring first half of silicone mold
After pouring the silicone and coming back to remove the mold, I found that something had gone wrong with the curing process (perhaps the wrong ratio of solutions), and it came out almost like cake batter rather than a hard block. I ended up needing to cut my clay model out of it, and doing a lot of refinishing to make it usable again.
After restarting the entire process, I finally ended up with a usable mold that I could pour resin into. The part that came out of the mold needed a lot of sanding in order to get it to the desired finish, and if I were to continue making more parts, I would definitely recreate the mold around the finished part since it translates details better than the clay did.
Resin part right out of the mold (left), Finished part after sanding (right)
Finished part with brush inside
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