Get a Grip
Duration: September - October 2018
Collaborators: None
Media: Clay, Wood
For this project, I redesigned the handle for a standard bench brush that I use at my desk (pictured below). The brush is great for removing dust and smalls craps from my table surface while I'm working on a project; however, the grip left much to be desired.
Original brush
Ideation & Inspiration
Rather than focus on simply redesigning the handle, I wanted to rethink the overall posture of the hand while brushing. I felt that holding such a brush at a distance felt rather unnatural, so I changed the grip location to be above the bristles in order to encourage a flicking motion with the wrist. In terms of inspiration, I really enjoyed forms with natural — almost abstract — looking curvature and clean lines.
Mood board (I don't own these pictures!)
Initial sketches
After my initial sketches, I used foam core in order to create quick prototypes so that I could judge the proportions and aesthetics of my model. Then, I cut the handle off the brush and duplicated the new measurements with a piece of balsa wood to give myself something to form the chavant clay around.
Foam core prototype
Beginning formation of clay around armature
Final Model
For the final model, I replaced the armature with the modified brush and cleaned up the surface accordingly. There is an indented negative space on both sides of the brush that afford finger placement of the right hand. Overall, I'm happy with how the form turned out; and I look forward to experimenting with different weights and materials to further improve the feel of the brush in the hand.
Final brush
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