05   Intuit Internship

A snapshot of my 8-month internship working on Intuit's Quickbooks

Created for:   Intuit, Inc.
Term:          May – December 2018

Designing for a larger system

One of my main projects during the internship involved helping to define Quickbooks’ latest design system and ensuring that the components I was making worked across Quickbooks’ range of products and use cases. This was a great way for me to hone my skills in crafting intuitive and delightful interactions as well as gain exposure to the entire platform. In addition, while modernizing the UI was one objective, another main goal that greatly affected the design system was the push towards increased accessibility. I learned that while a design might look good to myself and everyone else in the room; technology, eyesight, and other variables require consideration in order to enable more universally usable designs.

Experiencing the full design process

When my summer at Intuit was coming to a close, I had the opportunity to continue working remotely throughout the following semester while continuing to attend school at Carnegie Mellon. I decided to do this because I really did enjoy the work I was doing, and I wanted to continue following the various projects I was working on until their release. Another lesson I learned along the way was how valuable critique and feedback can be in a corporate setting — having access to the attention of other designers with different perspectives and backgrounds is an invaluable tool.